The Role of Home Modifications in the Continuum of Care

    By Katy Dodd

    I am going to retread on a blog that was written by our CEO, Mike Dodd, about a year ago. Since that time, we have seen even more changes take place in the health care arena. With those changes, we have evolved a division of our company to specifically work hand in hand with local medical and community providers in safely transitioning patients from the care setting to the home, therefore reducing unnecessary readmissions.

    For those of you not in the medical field and not fully aware of the changes taking place in health care, I will give you a short synopsis. In order to curb healthcare spending, there is a federal mandate for hospitals to transition from their traditional setup to that of an Accountable Care Organization, or ACO for short. In essence, the government is saying, “All the medical, non-medical and community-based providers need to work together in order to start seeing shared savings for all involved (particularly the government), while keeping people healthy and out of the hospital”.

    As an organization, we are pioneering the idea of having professional remodelers be a part of the transitional care process. It is a win-win. We are not only able to make the home safer and more functional for the client coming home, but we are also able to make it safer and more functional for the providers who will be working in the home, sometimes on a day-to-day basis. At the end of the day, we want our clients to be happy and healthy and, generally speaking, the home is where they achieve both of those.