Service and Sacrifice by Veterans Is Often Followed by Life Changes

    Nationwide there are 22 million veterans—more than 220,000 in the state of Kansas alone. Many of these honorable men and women face physical and mental health issues, like post-traumatic stress, all while navigating disability benefits.

    Veterans are expected to make more than 86.4 million outpatient visits to VA health care facilities this year, according to the Department of Veterans Affairs State Summary. And, many veterans are also treated at community-based clinics, residential rehabilitation programs and comprehensive home care programs.

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    LifeWise Renovations Works to Fulfill Our Nation’s Promise

    Our team is dedicated to finding solutions for veterans, who struggle with safely navigating their home. From lower extremity amputation, spinal cord injury and cognitive changes, we support veterans and work closely with local VA centers.

    To honor Veterans Day (Nov. 11), we encourage families and friends to discuss specific health concerns with a veteran of any age. Then, call LifeWise Renovations at 816-363-0600 to improve the quality of their life!