Senior Vice President Nick McIntyre Answers: Is the Walk-In Tub a Good Idea?

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    Nick McIntyre, Senior Vice President of LifeWise Renovations®, was recently asked, “Is the walk-in tub a good idea?”

    Answer: While this investment might be appropriate for some, it is usually an unnecessary expense that doesn’t prove to be as helpful as originally believed. Some thoughts and concerns to consider include:

    • First, you must enter the tub and shut the door before turning on the water.
    • Besides becoming impatient and possibly chilly as the tub fills up, getting the water to the right temperature can be difficult.
    • The tubs can take a while to fill up because most hold 70 to 90 gallons of water.
    • Should you need to use the restroom, you must first drain the tub.
    • If you did not purchase an inline heater, your water will get cold while bathing.
    • It is not easy to keep the water spray in the tub when washing off, so you will need to consider waterproofing the walls surrounding the tub.
    • If caregiver assistance is needed while bathing, the proper care is hard to provide due to the height of the tub wall.
    • Waiting for the tub to drain before you exit is another factor to consider.

    Although many manufacturers have addressed these problems with fast-filling faucets, fast-moving drains and temperature controls, these features also add to the total cost of the project.

    For the above reasons, consider a LifeWise Shower instead.

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    Some of the advantages include:

    • Flexibility for different types of users with various mobility needs
    • Easier to clean due to more open space
    • Allows for maximization of a small space because removing the tub opens a large area where a shower can be installed
    • Increases the safety and functionality for both the user and caregiver

    Are you considering a walk-in tub, barrier-free shower or bathroom remodel? Contact us to discuss your specific needs.