Proudly Supporting H.R. 1780 and HomesRenewed

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    LifeWise Renovations is proud to support Bill H.R. 1780 and the efforts of HomesRenewedTM, an organization devoted to increasing “the number of American homes prepared for residents to live throughout the modern lifespan.” Learn more about their efforts here »

    HomesRenewed is currently advocating for Bill H.R. 1780 – the Senior Accessible Housing Act. This bill “amends the Internal Revenue Code to allow nonrefundable personal tax credit for senior citizens who modify their residences to enhance their ability to remain living safely, independently and comfortably in the residence” (

    Simply put, this bill works to financially assist senior citizens to age-in-place safely through necessary home modifications. This bill would credit up to $30,000 for individuals incurring costs over their lifetime for certain modifications, including:

    • Entrance and exit ramp installations
    • Wider doorways
    • Handrail and grab bar installations
    • Non-slip flooring
    • And more »

    Louis Tenenbaum of HomesRenewed is known as the father of aging-in-place and supports this “bi-partisan, minimally controversial and broadly appealing” bill, sharing that they are in it for the long haul with this bill in order to best advocate these incentives, which could “transform American’s housing stock so it better serves residents throughout the modern lifespan.”

    Louis and the rest of the HomesRenewed team needs your support. Join the movement to improve housing with just one minute of your time. Pledge your support for Bill H.R. 1780 here »

    Want to help out more? Consider taking action in the following ways:

    But don’t stop there! While this bill discusses the need for home modification assistance for senior citizens, there are still hundreds of thousands of Americans that write off home modifications because they are young and healthy. But when accidents occur at a moment’s notice or surgeries take place, accessibility and mobility become a priority at home. Be proactive in your home and consider some of the home modifications listed above to prepare for any situation.

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