Home Functionality with Cerebral Palsy

    Amy’s Story
    Amy is a 38-year-old female with cerebral palsy living with her mother and grandmother. She is dependent for all her care including feeding, bathing and dressing. For transfers, Amy requires the assistance of two people.

    Amy’s living quarters are on the third level of the home. The family installed a stair lift several years ago, but Amy must be carried from the lift to her bedroom and bathroom. She uses a semi-reclining shower chair for bathing, then dresses in her bedroom. This task has become increasingly difficult for her family to manage as she has gotten bigger.

    The Solution
    A continuous track ceiling lift was installed at the third level. The track begins in the hall to transport Amy from the stair lift to her bedroom and bathroom. The bathroom doors were not widened as amy’s family chose the ceiling lift in lieu of a low-barrier shower and shower chair. Soaking in the bathtub has a huge calming effect on Amy that her mother was reluctant to lose. Accessing her bed and tub are now much easier. The door frames were modified to open to the ceiling to accommodate the ceiling track. This solution offered the family the best long term solution and will allow them to continue to care for her at home.

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    Client Name: Amy
    City: Kansas City
    State: Missouri
    Services Used: Home Kitchen And Bathroom Remodeling