Case Study Specific to Neurological Conditions

    Helen and Ben’s Story

    Helen has had a series of medical complications that have affected her brain and central nervous system. She has been in and out of the hospital many times over the past year and has gone from being in a comatose state to regaining her thoughts and some movement. Now home, she is able to move around the house in an electric wheelchair. Her husband, Ben, is her primary caregiver and has not been able to get her in the shower for over a year due to the stall being raised and her limited mobility.

    The Solution

    Ben and Helen decided to give up some underutilized space in their master bathroom in exchange for accessibility. A barrier-free shower was installed in place of the soaker tub and raised shower stall. It included tempered glass panels to allow in natural light, grab bars and a hand-held shower. The toilet room was reconfigured to include a wider opening with double doors and a hands-free Toto toilet. An accessible vanity and enlarged closet entrance was also added. Ben has been able to cutback on caregiver help while Helen has been able to take a shower and toilet with limited assistance.

    Client Name: Helen And Ben
    City: North Kansas City
    State: Missouri
    Services Used: Home Kitchen And Bathroom Remodeling