Case Study Specific to Stroke

    Robert and Marilyn’s Story
    Robert was hospitalized after a sudden episode of right-sided weakness. He was diagnosed as having a stroke and was left with right-sided hemiparesis. His primary mode of transport was a wheelchair. The onsite home assessment revealed the entry into the bathroom was too narrow, the toilet and shower area were both inaccessible, entry into the home was limited by stairs, and the carpeting throughout the home was too high to maneuver effectively.

    The Solution
    The existing bathroom was completely reconfigured into a barrier-free environment, including a barrier-free shower, accessible toilet area, and a wider bathroom door. Robert was able to maneuver in the bathroom and complete his showering and toileting tasks with the assistance of a caregiver. A ramp was installed at the front entrance and carpeting was replaced with a low pile option. The goal of returning home was achieved for Robert and his family once the home was adapted to meet his physical needs.

    About LifeWise Renovations
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    Client Name: Marilyn
    City: Overland Park
    State: Kansas
    Services Used: Home Kitchen And Bathroom Remodeling