Case Study Specific to Lower Extremity Amputation

    Terry and Maria’s Story
    Terry has had diabetes for over 20 years. As a result of the disease, he developed difficulty with circulation and lower extremity sensation. He eventually had to have his right leg amputated and not too long after that, suffered a spinal cord stroke. The family lives in a two-story home and Terry was not able to get up and down the stairs. As a result, the family decided it was best to convert the main-level into an area where Terry could reside. 

    The Solution
    By capturing some space from the kitchen, the existing half bath was redesigned to create a full bath. A wheelchair accessible shower was installed and included a wall mounted shower seat and grab bars. Increased lighting was added to help with Terry’s visual issues. The existing toilet was replaced with a Toto toilet, which includes a bidet feature, making it easier to complete toileting activities independently. The dining room was converted into a master bedroom and hardwood floors were installed throughout. Once Terry returned home from rehab, he was able to manage bathroom transfers independently from his wheelchair as well as complete other self-care tasks. The ultimate goal of the family was for Terry to return home while maintaining a level of dignity aligned with his wishes. The changes have enabled Terry to live at home with very little assistance, achieving their goals.

    Client Name: Terry And Maria
    City: Mission Hills
    State: Kansas
    Services Used: Home Kitchen And Bathroom Remodeling