Case Study Specific to Spinal Cord Injury

    Jay’s Story

    Jay was in a diving accident in his 20’s that resulted in high-level quadriplegia.  He is now in his 30’s and ready to buy a new home, but was experiencing difficulty finding a place suited to his needs.  After much searching, he found something that met the majority of his needs with the exception of the bathroom. The entry door was too narrow and the shower would not accommodate his shower chair and the added assistance of caregivers.  LifeWise was contacted prior to the purchase of the home to determine what, if any, changes could be made to the bathroom to make it accessible.

    The Solution

    The existing bathroom was configured into a wet room that allowed for Jay to successfully shower with his chair and the assistance of caregivers. Prior to starting, the design was visually laid out for Jay to see and make any adjustments. After everything was agreed upon, Jay made an offer on the home that was ultimately accepted. The changes were completed prior to Jay moving in and he has now happily been in the home for 4 years.

    Client Name:
    City: Kansas City
    State: Missouri
    Services Used: Home Kitchen And Bathroom Remodeling