Case Study Specific to Healthy Aging

    Frank and Sandy’s Story
    Frank and Sandy are in their seventies. They are active, require no assistance with their daily routines and reside in their lifetime home. Knowing life can change in a moment, they wanted to make changes to their home that will allow them to remain there no matter the circumstance. They contacted LifeWise to help them design and implement a bathroom revision that would work for them, for many years to come.

    The Solution
    A barrier-free shower was designed and installed to eliminate the step into their previous shower. Features that allow for flexibility in use were installed, such as a shower seat (see “After” picture) that can be used from a sitting position to complete bathing tasks or easily moved out of the way when standing to shower. The showerhead on a slide bar can be used when sitting or standing and is also very helpful when cleaning the shower. Grab bars were installed to ensure greater safety when going from sitting to standing and bending up and down within the shower. A functional, easy-to-reach shower caddy was built into the shower wall to allow for convenient storage. Statistics show that most accidents occur when getting into and out of the tub or shower. The changes that Frank and Sandy made have decreased their fall risk and updated the bathroom into a visually appealing space that has increased the value of their home.

    Client Name: Frank And Sandy
    City: Shawnee
    State: Kansas
    Services Used: Home Kitchen And Bathroom Remodeling