Case Study Specific to Cognitive Changes

    Robin and Kevin’s Story

    Robin was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease and as her condition progressed, it became increasingly difficult for the family and caregivers to get her in the shower. Over 3 months passed without being able to successfully bathe her and it was becoming clear that Robin’s wish of wanting to remain in the home was becoming less realistic with time. The initial home assessment revealed a small shower enclosure that was the source of much angst with the showering process as behavioral outbursts were common for her during this time.  It also revealed a toilet in close proximity to the shower.

    The Solution

    The existing bathroom was redesigned to create a shower room free of the barriers that were inhibiting her tasks before. The shower room also was also outfitted with a toilet that enabled the caregivers to transfer Robin directly from the toilet to the shower or vice versa. The goal of keeping Robin safely at home with caregiver assistance was achieved and her family was happy to be given the opportunity to fulfill their commitment to Robin’s wishes.

    Client Name:
    City: Leawood
    State: Kansas
    Services Used: Home Kitchen And Bathroom Remodeling