Case Study Specific to Arthritic Changes

    Linda and Ben’s Story

    Linda has osteoarthritis which has resulted in decreased stability with her mobility. Linda and Ben live in a multi-level home with several sets of stairs that have low lighting and handrails on one side. Unfortunately, Linda has experienced several falls that have led to knee problems, a right shoulder injury causing a limited range of motion, and decreased grip in both hands. One of the areas of concern was the bathroom, due to a combination tub/shower with a sliding glass enclosure and a low toilet, which made it difficult to go from a sitting to standing position. Knowing that OA can be a progressive disease, Linda and Ben needed a solution to ensure a safe environment for the long term.

    The Solution

    LifeWise assisted Linda and Ben in choosing renovations that provided increased home accessibility for the changes she was experiencing. Due to the frequency in which Linda was falling, the bathtub was replaced with a barrier-free shower. A fold down seat was also installed, so Linda could sit down while showering and use the hand-held nozzle to focus warm water on specific areas to improve pain control. Lighting was increased in the stairwells and additional handrails were added. This simple change increased safety, as well as Linda’s ability to use her upper body when going up and down the stairs.

    Client Name: Linda
    City: Fairway
    State: Kansas
    Services Used: Home Kitchen And Bathroom Remodeling