Meeting the Growing Need for Aging in Place

    image on page for  / perceived to contain Indoors, Interior Design, Kitchen, Room, FurnitureHomesRenewedTM, an organization led by Louis Tenenbaum, the father of aging in place, and working to increase the number of American homes prepared for aging in place, states more than 70 percent of seniors living in America are in the middle class. They also detail that there is nothing encouraging these Americans to prepare for aging in place.

    But with the senior population on the rise, there is a strong need for ensuring homes are prepared for aging in place. Consider the following:

    • One in three Americans is now 50 years old or older (AARP).
    • By 2030, it is estimated that the number of American adults ages 65+ will reach 71.5 million people (U.S. Census Bureau).
    • Of adults aged 65 and over, 87 percent of them want to age in place; 71 percent of adults aged 50-64 want to age in place (AARP).
    • 70 million Americans do not qualify for government programs, but they also can’t afford expensive retirement communities or long-term care (Forbes).
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    Statistics like these show just how important and necessary it is for Americans to prepare their homes for aging in place. That is why LifeWise Renovations is proud to support HomesRenewed’s efforts with Bill H.R. 1780, the Senior Accessible Housing Act, which works to incentivize those 60 and over to make modifications suited for aging in place. Learn more about Bill H.R. 1780 »

    We would love your support of the bill! Join the movement to improve housing by pledging your support of Bill H.R. 1780 here »

    Then, consider taking these actions to strengthen the efforts of HomesRenewed even more:

    • Contact your representatives in support of Bill H.R. 1780
    • Donate to HomesRenewed
    • Have your friends, family, neighbors and coworkers pledge their support

    Thank you for joining us in supporting this important cause. Your help advances the ability to meet the growing need for aging in place.

    Contact us for more information.