How Life Changes in a Moment

    It’s About the Quality of Life
    LifeWise recently had the opportunity to work with a client who was in need of total care. Having a long list of major health conditions, even the basic of tasks needed continual support. Daily life was not only difficult, but also costly due to the inpatient care being provided by a local residential care facility. The home had the space to accommodate his needs, but the bathroom did not allow for safe access

    The LifeWise Solution
    From the beginning of the project, our goal was clear: Redesign a bathroom and a living space to blend functionality, safety and beauty.

    The project took a total of three weeks to complete and the end result was a fully remodeled bathroom and living space. The redesigned space allowed for mobility, functionality and more accessibility. See the before and after photos.

    Remodel for Life
    LifeWise is proud to help clients improve their quality of life, ensure a safe environment and enhance the overall comfort of living at home. Whether in an instant or slowly over time, change makes us realize we can’t function in our homes the way we once did. No matter the cause for the living adjustment, there are modifications that can be made to the home to facilitate daily life. For this client, the change helped to make life a little easier.