Insight into Ease of Living

    image on page for  / perceived to contain Debbie Hartzler, LifeWise Renovations’ Clinical Operations Manager and Occupational Therapist, is presenting at a number of events and conferences in April, including for Mission Project Presentation for Aging In Place (April 7), the American Stroke Foundation (April 9), NAU OT Presentation – Identifying Solutions to Common Home Barriers (April 10) and Advanced Health Care (April 11). She will also be exhibiting at the Kansas City Estate Planners Symposium April 26-27.

    These presentations will highlight:

    • What areas of the home are the most dangerous
    • What you can do to be safer in your home
    • What areas of the home offer the most barriers
    • What are some solutions to common home barriers

    If you are interested in learning more about Debbie’s presentations or how you can better assist clients in improving ease of living at home, contact LifeWise Renovations.