Improving Bathroom Safety with Shower Chairs

    Realizing you or someone you know could benefit from bathroom modifications such as shower chairs or tub benches is only the start to improving functionality and safety in the bathroom. Now that you’re ready for the next steps, we’d like to walk you through some of the considerations to keep in mind when choosing what best fits your needs.

    Variables to contemplate:

    • Height/weight of the individual(s) who will be using the equipment
    • Level of ability to independently use equipment
    • Durability of chair/bench
    • Ease of use for the individual needing assistance as well as anyone assisting during the showering process

    There are multiple styles and types of seats that could help in the showering process.


    Rolling Commode Shower Chairs

    Recommended most for dependent/total lift transfer individuals with low-barrier showers, these chairs will increase the portability. Features in the chairs vary from the height of the back, wheels and size of wheels, frame material and whether or not the seat will have a cut out in the bottom for easier toileting and bathing.

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    Transfer Tub Benches

    Working to reduce falls and increase bathroom safety, transfer tub benches are recommended for individuals who have good sitting balance but cannot lift their legs over the side of the bathtub.


    Tub Seats or Shower Chairs

    These seats are for individuals who need to sit to complete bathing tasks, whether due to balance or endurance issues. These seats fit in the bathtub or shower, and their suction-cupped feet prevent sliding. Variables to consider with these are height levels needed, adjustable legs, weight of the individual and whether seat arms are needed to assist in standing up.

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    image on page for  / perceived to contain Art, Doodle, DrawingWise Tips from Homer

    • Know the specific accessibility and functionality needs for the people that will be using the equipment.
    • Do your research before purchasing any equipment.
    • Connect with LifeWise Renovations to have our team of construction and medical experts assist you by assessing the home, producing reports of recommended modifications, developing a plan and installing the right equipment for you/someone you know.


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