Home Sweet Home: Fall in Love Again

    image on page for  / perceived to contain Human, People, Person, Face, Portrait, Female, Backyard, Outdoors, YardThe longer you live in your home, the easier it can be to point out areas you would like to see updated for aesthetic or functional purposes. Think about the features in your home for a moment. Are there areas you or a family member can’t easily access, features that are outdated or unsafe rooms you’d like to begin preparing for ease of living?

    At LifeWise Renovations, we have the experts to help you fall in love with your home all over again through affordable home remodeling services. Our team assesses your home and recommends modifications based on your current and future needs. We then guide you through the design and product selection process to help you grasp the desired look and feel for your home. Throughout the entire project, our team stays in communication with you, managing the entire project from start to finish. Learn more about the LifeWise ProcessTM »

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    Homer offers the following home modifications to help create a safe and functional living environment to enhance the quality of life in your home.

    • Ramps at external entrances
    • Widened doors for wheelchairs and other assistive devices
    • Seating areas to complete daily tasks
    • Low-pile carpeting or non-slip flooring
    • Handrails on both sides of staircases
    • Easy-to-reach or pull-down clothing rods in closets
    • Pull-out drawers in the kitchens and bathrooms
    • Extra lighting near staircases and throughout the home
    • Barrier-free showers
    • Shower seats
    • Lever handles instead of turn knobs
    • Raised toilets for easy transfers
    • Grab bars near the toilets and in the showers

    Find more ideas you’ll love for your home in our gallery.

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