The Gradual Preparation for Ease of Living

    Studies show that while homeowners want to remain in their homes as long as possible as they age, they often don’t consider making home improvements to allow for ease of living until they are necessary.

    Of adults aged 65 and older, 87 percent want to stay in their current homes as they age; of those aged 50-64, 71 percent want to remain in their homes as long as possible (AARP).

    A recent 2017 Aging in Place Report by HomeAdvisor offers steps to take and tips to gradually prepare your home for ease of living, safety and comfort.

    Plan ahead. Every home improvement project is an opportunity to create a safer and more comfortable environment as you age at home. Planning ahead and maintaining a home remodeling/improvement schedule will not only ensure your home is ready for ease of living if any unexpected situations occur, but it will also help to spread out remodeling expenses over time. HomeAdvisor details seven phases of home remodeling projects, from more general preparatory modifications to specific ease of living modifications as you age in your home.

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    Source: HomeAdvisor

    Planning is worth it. Of homeowners aged 75 and older, nearly half report remodeling their homes in preparation for aging, and less than 30 percent reported mobility and ease of living issues as they have aged.

    Below are the common issues homeowners experienced at home as they aged:

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    Source: HomeAdvisor

    However, studies show that homeowners are beginning to think of the future and ease of living as they complete remodeling projects, instead of simply considering aesthetics and safety. The five most popular projects for homeowners aged 55-75 based on the HomeAdvisor survey include:

    • Adding pullout shelves in kitchen cabinets
    • Changing doorknobs to lever handles
    • Changing tile or stone to wood or carpet
    • Changing wood or carpet flooring to tile or stone
    • Installing a smart fire detection system

    The key takeaway from this report by HomeAdvisor – planning ahead is essential for ease of living and remaining in your home as long as possible. Breaking down the numerous projects you will want to complete (i.e., non-slip flooring, barrier-free showers, grab bars, pullout shelving, etc.) will keep your home well maintained throughout the years without incurring all of the expenses at once.

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