Get Wiser with Homer in 2018

    Assisting clients in loving their homes and living more comfortably is our goal at LifeWise Renovations. Our construction + medical experts work with you to assess and develop the right plan for ease of living and functionality in your home.

    The LifeWise ProcessTM:

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    Homer’s Wise Tips for 2018

    Now is always a good time to prepare your home for ease of living and functionality purposes, no matter your current stage in life. If you relate to any of the following categories, consider modifications for your home:

    • Invested homeowners – Even if there are no immediate health or mobility issues, taking little steps toward being prepared for the future is a wise choice. Consider renovations such as extra lighting in the bathrooms and near staircases and self-cleaning gutters to begin the process of preparing your home.
    • Individuals with chronic or progressive conditions – If you or a family member has been diagnosed with a chronic or progressive condition that requires special adaptations to support remaining at home. Various modifications such as raised beds and toilets for easy transfers, low-pile carpeting and/or non-slip flooring can assist in the functionality and ease of living in your home.
    • Individuals with sudden lifestyle changes – If you or a family member has experienced an abrupt change in health and mobility that makes adaptations in the home a necessity. Updates such as ramps instead of stairs, barrier-free showers and grab bars near toilets and in the showers can improve ease of living for those individuals.

    Learn more about the LifeWise Process, download our Get Wiser Self-Assessment and discover more ways to get wiser in 2018 with home modifications.

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