CEO Michael Dodd Answers: What are Meditubs?

    CEO and President of LifeWise Renovations Michael Dodd responded to the popular question, “What are Meditubs?” in his latest article on eCare Diary.

    Question: What are Meditubs and suitable for whom?

    Answer: Meditub is the proprietary name of a walk-in bath tub.  It is used similarly in the same way that people call a tissue Kleenex or a laminate countertop Formica.  We are not fans of walk-in tubs for a litany of reasons.  They do possess some therapeutic value for some.  What is seldom discussed in the sales process is that an individual is required to be in the tub with the door shut and sealed before the water can be turned on to fill it.  Accordingly, the tub must be emptied entirely before the individual may exit.  Unless an expensive retrofit is performed at the residence to accommodate larger volume supply lines to fill the tub and a larger diameter waste line to evacuate it, it can be a daunting proposition to be confined to the tub during the filling and draining stages.  It’s also worth noting that there is a significant threshold to navigate for getting into and out of the tub and the doors are typically very narrow, precluding larger individuals from even gaining access.  Finally, these appliances can be very expensive.  We believe that a far better solution is a low-barrier or barrier-free showering environment that can accommodate the needs of virtually anyone. 

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