• Today is Brain Injury Awareness Day

    Brain injuries do not discriminate; they can happen anytime, anywhere to anyone. An injury that happens in an instant can bring a lifetime of physical, cognitive and behavioral challenges, and early, equal and adequate access to care will greatly increase overall quality of life. We honor the millions of people with a brain injury, who… Read more »

  • Home is where the heart is – ensure you stay there

    We know you’ve heard the saying “Home is where the heart is.” At LifeWise Renovations® we not only strongly believe in the saying but we also live by it. We provide you and your loved ones with affordable remodeling services and the expertise of healthcare professionals that meet your unique renovation needs so you can… Read more »

  • Taking Stock

    The holiday season always seems to be the time of year when I stop and take careful stock of my life. I look at the things I have done, what I could have done better, what I want to aim for in the New Year, the many blessings I have to give thanks for, etc.… Read more »

  • The Value of Setting Your Priorities

    Much gratitude to our friends at Care2Lead for the shout-out in their most recent post about setting priorities and the events that change our lives. By Kathy Dodd writing for Care2Lead; reposted by LifeWise Renovations® Over the past several weeks, I have had the opportunity to consider what it means to set priorities. What is… Read more »

  • How Does Your Garden Grow?

    By Debbie Hartzler I live in the greater Kansas City area where it has been above or around 100 degrees for over a month now. This may seem a strange time to bring up a discussion on gardens, as we are all struggling here to keep what few blooms we have left alive and growing. … Read more »

  • Hitting Your Head Against The Wall

    By Louis Tenenbaum My parents had that phrase in our household lexicon. Hitting Your Head Against the Wall means doing stuff that will not have the desired results. It means doing the thing when you should have a darned good idea it will not work. It is mostly about influencing other people to do things… Read more »

  • Entrepreneurship At Its Finest

    By Mike Dodd, MCR, CAPS I was fortunate to be in attendance in February, 2012 at a conference known as Home Care 100.  It brings together the theoretical top one hundred providers of skilled home care and hospice services in the United States and was the brainchild of several consulting firms in that space.  My… Read more »

  • One Plus One Equals At Least Three

    By Chris LaVictoire Mahai reposted by LifeWise Renovations® At Aveus we have the opportunity to listen to and work with a wide range of clients and prospects talking about operationalizing a decision they’ve already made, addressing the urgent requirements of a changing market, or introducing ideas that will change the world. The following story has… Read more »

  • Caring and Giving: Lessons of a Caregiver

    By Debbie Hartzler I was recently reading an article written by Cindy Singer of Enhanced Home Care entitled, “It Isn’t Easy Being a Caregiver.”  In it she cites several lessons she learned caring for her mother who recently passed away from breast cancer.  She touches on two topics I would like to further explore from… Read more »