Aging In Place With Style

    By Katy Dodd

    In this day in age, no one is really getting older, we are all just aging with style! Here at LifeWise Renovations®, we decided to expand on the fact that most of us, young and old alike, prefer style with options. What better way to avail yourself of all the options than to remain at home? Why go somewhere where you are given a cookie cutter apartment that has less than desirable aesthetics? There are so many options available to consumers today, there is absolutely no reason that anyone should be settling.

    With that being said, here are some hot design ideas for those looking to age in place. Please note that all the following photos came from recent aging in place client projects:

    Trend #1: Storage cut outs that are sleek and large enough to fit all bottles. Ladies, if you are anything like me, you have those big bottles of shampoo that don’t fit into most storage cut outs so your left putting them on the floor of the shower. Bottle on floor no more!

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    Sleek storage cut outs

    Trend #2: Using the same color in different hues to brighten and open up a dated room. Add accent colors with towels, throw rugs and various decorations.

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    Same color in different hues with glass tile

    Trend #3: Glass tile. Pictured above in both instances, the clients decided to install glass tile throughout the shower and bathroom. The end result was truly beautiful.

    Trend #4: Shower steamers. Gone are the days of having to install a sauna in your home to get your steam on. More and more of our clients are electing to install a steamer in their shower which is great for a cold day or for stiff bones. I personally just like it because it makes me feel refreshed!

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    Shower Steamer

    We would love to hear about some of your favorite designs and trends! Please feel free to post your comments below.

    Happy shopping!