We Support Occupational Therapy Month!

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    The whole month of April is dedicated to occupational therapists. Here at LifeWise, our very own Debbie Hartzler (left) is an occupational therapist, and she helps our team by assessing homes where patients need modifications in order to assist their comfort levels and age in place. 



    “Occupational therapists work with people to help restore physical or cognitive function and can also assist in making modifications to the home environment that enable people to maintain maximum independence and promote overall health and well-being.”

    – The American Occupational Therapist Association, Inc. (AOTA)

    The following are ways that occupational therapists help in the remodeling process via AOTA:

    • Evaluate: OTRs recognize the needs of each resident needing home modifications.
    • Assess: Knowing an individual’s abilities and mobility in their home, OTRs assess the home and help residents discover ways accessibility and functionality could be improved.
    • Implement: Then they begin executing the solutions with remodelers.
    • Train: OTRs teach residents how to use the modifications properly.
    • Follow up: OTRs then evaluate the outcomes to see that the modifications have improved the lifestyle of residents.

    Learn about the LifeWise Process


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    Connect with us to schedule your consultation with our team of certified remodelers and occupational therapists.