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Floorplan Single Lever Faucet Upper Cabinet Pull-Down Shelf Adjustable/Multi-Height Countertop Easy Rollout Drawers Shower Seat Barrier Free Shower Automatic Closet Rod Stair Lift Elevated, Front-Loading Washer & Dryer Lighting Control Systems Hand Rails Wheelchair Ramps Additional Lighting Lever Door Handles Wide Doorways And Hallways Additional Lighting And Hard Surface Flooring Comfort Height Commodes Countertop Color Task Lighting & Hard Surface Flooring Pull-Out Shelves Elevated Dishwasher Hand-Held Shower Sprayer Grab Bars Rocker Light Switches


single lever and touch faucets

Grip-free lever handles, available in many decorative styles, ease arthritis pain because they can be turned on and off with a gentle push. For even more flexibility, touch technology enables you to turn the water on and off with the touch of a finger or forearm.


upper cabinet pull-down shelf

When mobility is limited, accessing items on a top shelf can be impossible. Pull-down shelves slide down to eye level, putting the items you need at your fingertips.


adjustable/multi-height countertop

Standard kitchen countertops are too tall for those in wheelchairs or those with leg and back ailments. An adjustable countertop can be raised or lowered as needed for each member of your household.


countertop color

If someone in your home is visually impaired, making countertops a color that contrasts with the floor color can make it easier to distinguish different surfaces and heights. The results are fewer falls, collisions and accidental drops of utensils.


task lighting and hard surface flooring

Strategically lighting specific areas of the kitchen for specific tasks – such as food preparation – can reduce eye strain, confusion and dangerous mistakes. Reduce the risk of falls and increase wheelchair maneuverability by replacing carpet and rugs with beautiful, easy-to-clean hard surface flooring.


easy roll-out drawers

Drawers with smooth rollers require minimal strength to open.


pull-out shelves

Sliding shelves make it easy to access pots, pans, food and even your trashcan. This means no more squatting or digging through cabinets to get to hard-to-reach items.


elevated dishwasher or dishwasher drawers

A dishwasher that’s elevated off the ground or a dishwasher drawer that's mounted under the counter means no more bending, stooping and straining your back to load and unload dishes.

general interior

lighting control systems

Put your indoor and outdoor lights on a timer or control lights throughout the house without ever leaving your chair. You can also turn all your lights off with the press of a button.


hand rails

Hand rails provide stability inside and outside the house. They come in various sizes, lengths and finishes, and can be mounted anywhere you need assistance.


wheelchair ramp

Don’t get stuck in the house. Wheelchair ramps give you back your freedom, making it possible to get to your car or yard without having to navigate stairs.


additional lighting

Adding a few exterior lights not only deters burglars, it increases visibility, reducing the likelihood of tripping or slipping.


lever door handles

Grip-free handles take the pain out of opening doors. A slight push is all that’s needed to release the latch.


automatic closet rod

This lift lowers hanging clothes out of the closet to within comfortable reach of a seated person. It operates easily and smoothly with an attached hand-control.


wide doorways and hallways

Doorways and hallways can be expanded to accommodate a walker or wheelchair, allowing you to regain access to all areas of your house.


rocker light switches

Easy-touch light switches are gentle on sore hands. They require just a tap to turn lights on and off.


comfort height commode

Comfortable, chair-height commodes offer higher seating than traditional toilets, making it easier to get up and down.

laundry room

elevated, front-loading washer and dryer

When a front-loading washer and dryer are elevated off the ground, doing laundry is less of a chore than ever before. Now, you can reach the controls and complete the task with ease.


stair lift

With a stair lift, getting from one floor of your house to another can be achieved with a push of a button. Stair lifts are quiet, smooth, stable and easy to use. Outdoor stair lifts are also available.


additional lighting and hard surface flooring on staircases

Adding lighting to stairs and hallways can improve visibility and reduce the chance of falls. Further reduce the chance of falls by replacing carpet with beautiful, easy-to-clean hard surface flooring.


shower seat

Mildew-free shower seats come in a variety of designs, providing for a comfortable shower with minimal pressure on weak or sore joints.


barrier-free shower

ADA-compliant showers allow easy access. They can be equipped with seats and grab bars for safe, independent showering.


hand-held shower sprayer

Taking a shower should be relaxing. Gain control with a flexible, hand-held showerhead that can be used while sitting or standing.


grab bars

Grab bars enhance stability and prevent falls. They’re available in an array of stylish finishes and designs, so they blend in with your existing bathroom fixtures.