No Lucky Guessing

    Homer “O’Wisely” is spreading his Wise Tips this St. Patrick’s Day to help people live more comfortably and safely at home.

    Soar through St. Patrick’s Day with helpful Wise Tips. Read Homer’s Wise Tips>

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    LifeWise Renovations construction + medical experts work with you to assess and develop the right plan for enhanced home accessibility and functionality.

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    We produce a standardized, proprietary report that includes a list of recommended modifications and detailed cost information.


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    We manage all facets of the project from start to finish while you enjoy one point of contact. All necessary insurance and licensure are held by us and our partners to help ensure quality and reduce risk.


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    We track and report on the outcome of all interventions to measure the long-term benefit and savings of your investment.


    View our case studies or connect with us for more information.

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day!