Live More Safely at Home.

    The National Patient Safety Foundation dedicates a week every year to raising awareness about patient safety among health care professionals and the public. In honor of Patient Safety Awareness Week, we’ve listed some facts and tips as noted by STEADI.

    Fall Risk Facts:

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    When you see patients 65 and older, make these three questions a routine part of your exam:

    1. Have you fallen in the past year?
    2. Do you feel unsteady when standing or walking?
    3. Do you worry about falling?

    If your patient answers “yes” to any of these key-screening questions, they are considered at increased risk of falling. Further assessment is recommended.

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    In honor of Patient Safety Awareness Week, Homer, our wisest owl, has a few home safety wise tips to consider for your patients:

    • Remove clutter and move furniture to create open space and clear pathways.
    • Secure rugs and replace high-pile carpet with slip-resistant flooring.
    • Install railings on both sides of stairs.
    • Place extra lighting in hallways, stairwells, and pathways traveled at night.
    • Replace tubs with zero-entry showers.
    • Add grab bars in the shower and near the toilet.
    • Create reachable storage by installing rollout drawers and height-adjustable shelves in kitchens. 
    • Consider placing ramps over steps of exterior entrances.

    LifeWise Renovations can provide families with a complete home assessment to identify issues that increase fall risk. To better understand this process, and the life-changing results our work provides, please read our case studies  or download our Get Wiser Self-Assessment.

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    After a home evaluation with our team of certified remodelers + occupational therapists, we can help your patients decide the best home modifications to easy and safe accessibility! Contact us to learn more.