• The Missing Link Part 2

    By Mike Dodd I recently authored a blog on the subject of a position paper that was published by the Joint Commission on the state of the home care industry.  In that blog, I mentioned how it would be nice to have a seat at the table when the discussion turns to investigating alternatives to… Read more »

  • Cheap vs. Affordable

    By Nick McIntyre Lately, with the Kansas City economy being what it is, most people desire lower cost remodels. The unfortunate thing is that the majority of the buying decisions are based upon using the lowest cost provider.  Lowest cost scenario decisions are usually associated with purchasing something “cheap”.  Cheap is just that: cheap.  It… Read more »

  • Universal Design With You in Mind

    By Mike Dodd Ron Mace is considered the father of universal design.  He helped develop the country’s first accessible-building code that was adopted by the state of North Carolina in 1973 and served as a model for similar action in other states.  His work contributed to federal legislation forbidding discrimination against people with physical impairments… Read more »

  • Is A Walk-In Tub A Good Idea?

    By Nick McIntyre Now that I’m in the Aging in Place remodeling market, I’ve heard and seen many companies pitching walk-in tubs.  I’ve also had individuals come into our showrooms that are getting older, becoming less mobile and think they “need” a walk-in tub.  Most people seem to believe this is the answer.  I even thought… Read more »