Breathe Easier with Home Modifications

    Pulmonary issues refer to the lungs, affecting breathing which may prevent the body from getting enough oxygen (Office on Women’s Health). Because of these issues, common side effects include wheezing, chronic cough, shortness of breath and a tightness in your chest. 


    The American Occupational Therapy Association, Inc. (AOTA) offers these tips to living at home with pulmonary issues: 

    • Conserve energy where possible.
    • Reduce the demands of everyday activities.
    • Manage your stress levels.
    • Complete self-monitors often to avoid exacerbations.
    • Pace yourself.
    • Plan activities and movements ahead.


    image on page for  / perceived to contain Art, Doodle, Drawing, Paper, Label, Text, EmblemWise Tips from Homer

    Homer says it’s time to make living at home easier with these modifications to relieve stress and better pace yourself to age in place with pulmonary issues:

    • Grab Bars 
    • Entrance ramps and lifts
    • Barrier-free showers 
    • Shower seats
    • Drop-down clothing rods for easy reach


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    Ready to learn more? 

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    – As a patient, connect with us to schedule your consultation and see how our suggested home modifications can improve your mobility and comfort at home.