• Q & A Sessions: Assistive Devices To Use For Seniors With Hearing Impairment

    Question: My father has a hearing impairment. Are there any devices that could help him realize he has visitors at the door? Answer: Most states have as assistive technology department or division that address the needs of people with disabilities. They would be an excellent resource for anyone with questions regarding the types of devices… Read more »

  • The Re:Life Project

    Dear Friends, We are both humbled and excited to announce the launch of our special initiative to give back to the Kansas City community called the re:life Project. In our time as an organization, we have encountered countless individuals and families who have had to go without because they lack the resources needed to adapt… Read more »

  • VA Loans: Distilling Down Your Options

    By LifeWise Renovations® In honor of Veteran’s Day, we decided to provide a quick rundown of the programs the Veteran’s Administration offers for home modifications to help accommodate injured veterans for their disabilities. There are 3 types of grants available. Home Improvement and Structural Alteration (HISA) Grant Description Offers financial resources to disabled veterans to… Read more »

  • How Does Your Garden Grow?

    By Debbie Hartzler I live in the greater Kansas City area where it has been above or around 100 degrees for over a month now. This may seem a strange time to bring up a discussion on gardens, as we are all struggling here to keep what few blooms we have left alive and growing. … Read more »

  • How Walkers Can Empower Seniors

    By Carol Larkin writing for eCareDiary; Reposted by LifeWise Renovations® This article is not only for older adults who have Alzheimer’s or another dementia, but for all older adults and their caregivers. And I realize that I have a different take on using walkers than most older adults, and maybe even most caregivers. Do you… Read more »

  • Q & A With Mike Dodd: Home Remodeling For Seniors With Vision Problems

    Question: My mother’s eyesight is failing. What kind of home remodeling should I focus on to make her life easier? Answer: Conduct a home safety assessment with a qualified professional, preferably an occupational therapist, to determine the appropriateness of the physical surroundings.  Removing loose articles from the floor (throw rugs, extension cords for lights, pet… Read more »

  • Home Sweet Home Packages

    By Katy Dodd For many people who have mobility concerns, safety at home requires additional equipment. At LifeWise Renovations®, we receive calls almost daily from families of individuals who have suffered an injury or unexpected medical condition that limits mobility. These callers need a range of immediate home modifications to help their loved ones live… Read more »