• Caring and Giving: Lessons of a Caregiver

    By Debbie Hartzler I was recently reading an article written by Cindy Singer of Enhanced Home Care entitled, “It Isn’t Easy Being a Caregiver.”  In it she cites several lessons she learned caring for her mother who recently passed away from breast cancer.  She touches on two topics I would like to further explore from… Read more »

  • Interruptions or Opportunities?

    By Mike Dodd The subject of interruptions and the role they play in our lives was the topic of a sermon given at a mass I attended over the holidays.  The priest who delivered the sermon was very eloquent.  It got me to thinking about how I deal with interruptions in my personal and professional… Read more »

  • Breaking Down Barriers

    By Debbie Hartzler, OTR/L, CAPS We just spent the weekend manning our booth at The Remodeling Show in Kansas City.  The show offers a great opportunity to talk with a wide spectrumof individuals from all walks of life.  One of our displays features a walk-in shower with a sign above it that says “Barrier Free.” … Read more »

  • Reflections On A Passing Icon

    By Mike Dodd I just finished reading Walter Isaacson’s novel about Steve Jobs.  I was fortunate enough to be in the audience when Mr. Isaacson journeyed to Kansas City last fall just after the book was released and Jobs had passed away.  I received a signed copy of the book and was privileged to listen… Read more »

  • Aging In Place With Style

    By Katy Dodd In this day in age, no one is really getting older, we are all just aging with style! Here at LifeWise Renovations®, we decided to expand on the fact that most of us, young and old alike, prefer style with options. What better way to avail yourself of all the options than… Read more »

  • Our Refusal To Grow “Old”

    By Mike Dodd I am a Boomer.  I’m right smack dab in the middle of that generation.  At 58, I’m actually a lot closer to the leading edge of the generation than the trailing one, but I’m not going to split hairs.  The reason that we decided to launch LifeWise Renovations® in 2009, in the… Read more »

  • How To Open Up Your Kitchen

    By Katy Dodd For some time now, one of the biggest trends in remodeling has been to create a more open floor plan. No one likes to feel cramped in their home, especially in the kitchen. We work in a lot of older homes that have a timeless look on the outside and would like… Read more »

  • Double Vision: Seeing The Home Through 2 Sets Of Eyes

    By Debbie Hartzler As an Occupational Therapist in health care, I am used to working with team members. While commonly engaged with physicians, nurses, physical therapists, social workers, and speech pathologists, working with a remodeler was something new. (The only experience I had with remodelers was a man who helped refinish our basement that worked… Read more »